Sunday, February 14, 2010

B-day and V-day

It's my husband's birthday on this day,
so we've always shared it
we've been together a very long time
some years have been better than others,
but that's life
as they say
this year it went like this
a month ago
what do you want for your birthday...
three weeks ago
what do you want...
well my keyboard is acting up
and it's driving me crazy
ok, get yourself one...
I'll make do with  this one
two weeks ago
what do you want
how about a new robe
i saw the hole in the sleeve...
well, I ordered the keyboard and a mouse
and a "who knows what"
grocery shopping
what kind of cake do you want...
we came home with a strawberry creamy thing
a very small cake
which we ate on Friday and Saturday

did you get me a robe
no, you said you didn't want one...
well i saw this one
he ordered it from AMAZON

few minutes later
are we going out to get a cake and some flowers
no i'd rather go to michael's and get some yarn...

we got a cake
no flowers
they were rubbish
and he wants hamburgers for dinner!!!
Happy Birthday
and Happy Valentines...


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Content in a Cottage said...

Marilyn, Love your new bluebird header. Sounds as if you had a fun day. Happy Birdhday to your hubby. Hamburgers for dinner here too. They were like mini meatloaf burgers cooked on the panini press. Yum. Just got back from walking Webster. Clear starry sky...just beautiful. I didn't see any sign of snow. Fingers crossed. xo, Rosemary