Thursday, January 3, 2013

thspoths in my eyes

found a filet crochet chart 
on the pinning place 
that I liked
and as I had the thin thread and hooks out I thought I might try it
so I did
am on the last two rows and will be so happy when I'm done
not because I don't like doing it but because I can't wait to 
block it !!!!!
and make it all neat and tidy

there aren't very many nice filet charts
too many old fashioned hearts and angels and flowery stuff
not me... so I wondered what I would do next
so I've decided to try something new
something I have always meant to learn and haven't
I ordered a shuttle and some thread this a m

and can't wait for it to get here
I'll end up getting a tatting needle too probably 
as I find that not so hard to do
but I thought I'd give the shuttle a try and keep it real!!!!
I saw so many pretty tatted things in the Christmas section of lots of blogs and pictures
so I'm just going to do it

OK back to finishing the filet 
hope you're all well and warm
or cool depending 
where thou art!!!

see ya

:) :) :)