Thursday, January 31, 2013

quick hi...

this was a couple of days ago
the lake froze over and they sat and stood and stared
(there were more of them but I couldn't fit them all in!!)
wandering about in the freezing cold
one morning they all took off in different directions straight into all the bad weather
they came back and left again
then the temperatures went up
way up
and the lake melted and they weren't here to enjoy it
yesterday it went to 71F ( about 20C)
and then we had a storm roll through
the bad one that left so much destruction behind it
and it's back down to the cold again
the wind is blowing and the lake is choppy
and the birds
are gone

last trip to the store I brought home a bit of Spring
lots of colour
and the smell of cat pee
they need to change the water more often!!!
which I do do
can't stand stinky fleurs....
they have lasted a long time

yes I'm still at the tatting thing
trying the different size needles and thread
not that I have much thread
I won't bore you with it all
but it's interesting and different
and I like it
why not....
: ]
the reading is going slowly
I'm reading Alexander McCall Smith
in his various guises
and have started a new set of books
I don't know the characters so it feels strange to read them
if you know what I mean
and I hope you do or this sounds
I love his books
and have them all
or nearly all
so I'll get used to these new stories and have them done in no time
then it will be time to get some more
love new books
do you like to read
and if so
well... :/
stay warm or cool or dry
stay safe
we'll meet again
don't know where don't know when
but I know we'll meet again some