Wednesday, January 23, 2013

goosey it's cold outside

not going to mention the weather
we all have some sort of something
but the geese were lamenting the fact early this morning
poor things
the lake froze overnight
except for where they were
well some of them
think they were taking turns sitting on the ice or the water
we have had so many fly in
I am attempting to catch the fly in
which is hard to do as they fly in so fast
and I have to run for the camera!!!!
but mostly I want to capture the noise that erupts
as the new lot call to the ones already here
and they answer
and the splash down
I swear they say who they are and where they've been and how things are on the route
I love it
I always will
so while the geese are a'floatin'
I'm still
(and reading)
just practicing and trying out what's what
the shuttle is just a "pretty" that sits in the box
the needle is to my liking and maybe I'll do a little demo
as so many don't know what tatting even is
I made the "Dorset button" yesterday
just playing with whatever came into my head
and now a days
there isn't too much of anything in there!!!!
stay warm
and don't walk on the ice if you have any