Tuesday, January 15, 2013

tat-a tat-tat...

I am still waiting for the needles to arrive
fingers and toes crossed I will  have them today
but I know I won't now that I typed it
the mail hasn't come yet so there is still a chance

I discovered I had a cro-tat hook that a friend gave me a very long time ago
he had forgotten what it was for or how to use it
but he figured I'd know
which I didn't
I don't like it!!!
but I practiced with it
and one of the reasons I don't like it is because I don't know how to make chains
and I don't like the chains it makes
like crochet chains
tatting isn't crochet so crochet chains don't go

then I went back to the sewing needles
and did another practice thingy
I like that much much much better
so I finished it
looked at it a lot
looked at lots and lots of pictures of tatted stuff
and waited for those damn needles to arrive
OH and the shuttle
forget that
I stupidly got a metal one and it sticks me and I can't do the shuttle move at all
the over and under is a pain and I get knots and frustrated and the air turns blue
and that is no way to do something
so back to the needle
and last night and this morning I did


all out of my head

no pattern 
just me 
and the needle and thread
and no blue air!!!!!

of course it isn't perfect or maybe even good
if this is on a sewing needle and it worked
big hopes for the right equipment

when it gets here of course

who was the bright one who decided to share the mailing of things with the
different carriers and the Post Office
when it comes through just the PO
it arrives in no time
and I can't believe how slow other countries PO's are
I sent something to France and Italy before Christmas and still don't' think they got there
the people I sent them to would have let me now
oh well

this is how it's been the past few days
warm and foggy
but now it's raining and it's chilly

 the geese are sick of playing
in the mist

oooooooooooooooooothe mail's here