Friday, January 11, 2013

first attempt...

I tried and tried a few days ago to make a little something

I don't have the necessaries

the mail takes forever
 I have needles 
and thread
so I thought why not
why not knot


so with
that has a very sharp point I must add
I turned on the computer and dialed up
you tube---
and watched a couple of videos

as I am one of those who must see to do
not read to do
like so many others
if I see it
I most probably can do it
 I tried
and I did well for the first few steps
but then
the sharp end of the needle caught me
and it hurt
but so what
and then
the sharp end of the needle somehow scratched my nail
so I put it all away and decided to wait
and I waited 
and sort of forgot
but this morning while looking through the "papers" and starting my blog rounds
I saw the thread
I saw the needle
and I picked them up and

my first bit of tatting without any of the necessaries
no blood to be seen
no bad words uttered
not bad knotting

I think I will like it...

...and I'm still waiting


elaine said...

It's beautiful! I've been meaning to try tatting for ages and ages - so you tube videos? Yup, that sounds perfect for me too. I learn best from seeing and expermenting. So what kit will I need that you are waiting so patiently on in the post? :)

Santie said...

Thanks! I found myself truly baffled by the shuttle, but I read your post, and tried it with the needle- and it worked :)