Friday, January 25, 2013

and it's ch 9 -13 and 2-2-3 etc

(the background is not part of the tatitng.. it's the ball of thread used as a prop!!!)

I know you're all probably sick and bored with the tatting
but I'm not!!!
I found a pattern for a heart
and I'm getting on with it
so I thought I'd show you
it's easy enough to do and hard enough to satisfy
lots of reverse work and lots and lots and lots of
- - - - - - -
which stand for
lots and lots of

it continues to be frigid and frozen and grey and cold
it snowed yesterday and it's going to again this afternoon
but the warm is coming back
 so 'nuff said
yesterday we had so many birds fly in
so much noise
so much calling and quacking and honking
not one shot or sound 
they move too fast and if you even think about going out there
they take off 
in a big whoooosh of wings and air
and as they must be so tired and weary from this cold
I leave them alone
I wish I could give each and every one of them a hot drink and a cookie
but I can't
 so the least I can do is
leave them be
as I'm going to let you 

take care and stay warm