Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a visit...

It got very hot over the weekend
but as it is the unofficial start to 
it isn't a surprise
but we had a nice surprise
son #1and son came by for a visit

after a jolly round of
Chinese Checkers
and a small snack of the 
I made
that I found the recipe for on the pinning place
we went down to what is called 
the beach
 around here
I haven't ever taken photos down here as we don't go anymore
so it will be nice to see a slightly different 

one can see how thick the woods are here

can't get over how the trees have grown down to the water

22 acres of water
it used to be a corn field!!!
spring fed

there was a birthday party going on in the pavillion

are there fishes in there
do they bite

just hanging around down on the beach

looking back the other way!!

sharing the slide
that is so slick it was hard to get him going down
anyway he enjoyed it and interestingly didn't ask to go swimming
maybe next time

if we promise the fish won't bite!!!!!!