Wednesday, May 23, 2012

after some rain

it's been raining around here quite a bit
and it is very welcome
we have a drought already so any rain is good
no hummers as of yet but it's all ready for them

in fact it rained so much the night before last
there were floods just up the road a ways
as they say

water half way up the cars in some spots
that's just silly
too much isn't any good 
but I think it's all gone now

the lake is nice an full too
I'll show you later maybe

so in between showers yesterday
I took a little walk in the front
and took a few shots of what's there

mountain laurel is almost over already
the bush is getting so big it may have to be pruned
husband planted the trees way too close and now the bush if fighting for space
it's the only plant left from when we came here
eons ago
its very very old
as are we now!!!!

this is 
straight out of camera
the light was just like this

everyone is up and growing finally
it's all getting so big and jumbled
just like I like it

yes he is still here
standing guard on the flower 

so that's it for today
what it looked like yesterday
wet and green and jumbled
just like I like it!!!