Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kevin Costner has a band and he can sing

who knew ! :)

It's Memorial Day weekend here in the's all red White and Blue...
and it's that time we are supposed to remember those who gave all.
Living right in the middle of where so much of The Civil War was fought
this reminds one that it wasn't so long ago that there was a war here
and as they say in the South
It wasn't very Civil!!

There is a house in Fredericksburg that was used as a hospital
we went there once and I stood in the window of one of the rooms
that still looks out over the river and the banks where so many were slaughtered
and read a book in which a nurse wrote her thoughts and feelings
 the night before a battle
 about the men she tended to that night
they all went back out  the next day and only a  few returned to her care

there are still too many battlefields in this world

this song is very sad...but it's pretty in its simplicity and it makes you wonder
when can the angels stop coming down...