Friday, May 4, 2012

catch up

thought I would show you what happened two weekends ago
while on a visit to the  
salle de bain 
lets say
there was heard a mighty dripping in the walls
it was on the kitchen side though

so water was switched off for the night
and with great despair and pissedoffyness
we slept
 not too soundly
and the next day...
I found this

it brings back horrors to me when I see the holes in the walls again
and find the dishes in the sink
taken out of the dishwasher
(when we moved into this house a century and a half ago
husband ripped out the kitchen one afternoon, with the help of a friend
I came home to find the sink in the back yard
full of dishes
I did the dishes in the bathtub for weeks  after that
the kids were small and if I wasn't washing them
 I was washing dishes
then the oven blew up and I cooked on said friends camping stove for a few weeks too
the two burner model
 fueled by stinking fuel of some kind
I had to pump it up to get it started and then gas my family as I stirred the pots on top
it was Easter time
I remember distinctly going to a friends house on the other side of the neighbourhood to use her oven
to cook the ham
(yes I cooked, because it was time to cook and make a fuss, the way we do, and, god forbid, the kids, should remember an Easter without a Ham and all the trimmings)

and on the way home nearly running over a 
yes, I nearly killed the 
frig-gin' Easter bunny!!!!)

the dishwasher removed from its place

and the cabinets emptied to show all the things one forgets one has
that are strewn hither and yon
and the sheer frustration of not being able to fix it
so husband of all trades has to
no, plumbers are not called in this house
or any other kind of tradesman
it is all done by one
and that one
is not moi!!!
so not knowing my 
vice grips from my spanners
or my 3/8 ths from my escutcheon
I helped as much as I could

and later that day all was well again
and this bomb site was cleaned up and ship shaped
that is until I cooked the next meal!!!!

but the gods were with us as the day before I had baked some banana bread
and it gave us strength
 and hope to move forward
as the drips were plugged
and the pipes replaced 
and the water flowed once again
and not one pair
of plumber's pants were seen
and husband can tell the story of how his wife soaked him through and through when she turned on the water so he could see where the leak was
 and it was
right there
right in front of him
just like in the movies
like a geyser
and she wasn't allowed to laugh


but she did
:} :} :}

and next time I'll show you the cake I baked
in my kitchen without leaks
or leeks

til next time my lovlies!!!