Thursday, May 3, 2012

new place to browse

hello there
do I look any different

I can tell you I feel a whole lot different

after another frustrating
blue air filled
 naughty words that I didn't know I knew
I loaded
the chrome 
from the Google inter webs...
husband is not happy with that but he likes his wife to be happy
so I just did it and he just stood by and watched

to be truthful I don't know my
Explorer from my Firefox
and now the chrome
but I do know that when things get so frustrating it's not worth it anymore
you have to go with the flow and wear a life jacket  for a while
if you have a smart phone
(that is still smarter than you)
then you have to show your smarts every once in a while
and do what you need to do

it didn't hurt and it wasn't so hard 
I put up my right hand and said I would only
chrome on the blog
so I'll be posting more


once in a while
I have also found the new editing doohickeys on Picasa
that used to be on Flickr
you can fool around with your photos there
so I did
and I made the collages
they kind of show the mood I'm in
the editing is called
that's the 
 up there
with all it's bits
I have so many bits
many many bits
maybe too many bits
but which bits do you get rid of when you've gotten rid of all the bits you don't want or need anymore

I have myself some yummy pima cotton to play with

I like pima cotton
this one is from

it's so nice to work with
soft and cool and just plain


and you can see I'm playing already
same as this one

this one is wool

and I haven't ta dah'd it yet


I finished it a couple of weeks ago and hung it up and forgot it
it is really nice and soft and drapey

cheerio for now
as the Pater used to say

I'll see you soon
I hope!!!