Friday, May 11, 2012

picture perfect day

it has been the prettiest day today
the sky is blue
the air is fresh
and the
Japanese Maple is just glowing

as I made a coffee this morning
the light was just so clear and bright
the water in the lake was blue 
which it hasn't been these past few days

no geese
no ducks
no beavers
just a crow
last evening I saw the beaver swimming from this side to the other with a branch in its mouth
no chance for a photo as he was high tailing it home
and the heron was there too in the dim light of dusk
so pretty sometimes


this was my breakfast this morning
a strawberry and banana muffin made with
gluten free "flour"
husband is responding well to the g f and I can eat a muffin 
or two
and when they turn out this
I do!!!

I showed you some nice cotton I had found last week
so here is the shawl I made with it


this time with a simple edge
the reverse sc or crab stitch
as I ran out of the yarn and had to be very careful

used every single centimeter of it 
as pink goes so well with green
and I am such a fashionista

 while sweeping the floor in the
a bead rolled out from under
a pink bead
a rosy quartz 
or somesuchstone
I made another bracelet
they take no time once you have gathered the doings

and searched through the bead stash
this time a nice shiny flowery silvery one
to hold it all together

hope you all hold it together this weekend
have a good one folks
thanks for stopping by