Friday, June 1, 2012

friday flowers...again

as you can see by the header photo
the hydrangeas are in bloom

along with the 
both white and pink

and the hostas are in bud
well what's left of them after the massacre of last summer by the voles!!!

and once again the 
goose neck loose strife
is stretching itself in the warm weather

and a small bunch of the sundrops

in back the magnolia is covered in blossoms
but they are all high up and practically invisible until they open

and then it's not a pretty sight in there so the side view is all we get

and this is the black eyed susan
doing it's impression of
Feed Me Seymour Feed Me

and back to the
this one is half blue... half pink

and the others are mixed up too
it's getting dry again but we are expecting strong storms to come through this afternoon
and I hope all the hype isn't lived up to
and we just get rain
fingers crossed!!

but this on is my fav!!!!

hope you have a flower filled day

and if you should need me 

starting tomorrow 

I will be found glued to the idiot box

 is opening up a new goody

they will have a channel devoted to nothing but Brit shows
all of them by the looks of it
I will be watching shows I have only heard about and never seen
I am so excited it shouldn't be allowed
I will let you know how it goes as I inhale all that is Brit
and of course I hope someone shows a little something of the
even if it's CNN or FOX (god forbid)
  I would like to see a little
and wave my little flag

see ya and if you don't hear from me soon
(a few days)
send in the oxygen and the men in white coats
I may need reviving!!!!!