Saturday, June 16, 2012

a change of needles...

I absolutely know that you will understand
I feel the need to put down these

pick up these to make these

I suddenly need to make
not yarn ones
fabric ones

for no particular reason other than
it takes my fancy!!!!!

I will get back to the yarn
but I need to put it away for now

and I know you understand that too!!!

so after a little play around yesterday figuring out how to do it the old fashioned way
I made some paper hex's
and this morning
as I got up nice and early

and after my coffee and an episode of 
the Vicar of Dibley !!!!!
I cut a couple of cardboard templates and
off I went

fun fun fun

and I have been collecting little stashes of fabric
one fat quarter collection
at a time
and I have a pile
as you can see
so I'll be hexing for a while

what are you doing???