Thursday, June 7, 2012

mystery stitches...

 don't you love a little mystery
I do

left me a comment about id-ing this stitch
apparently someone
suggested she ask me (as I'm so good at it)

first let's just all sit and stare at this beauty for a bit and remember back to those days
tiny and soft and they smell so good
most of the time
what an angel and if ANYONE knows WHO this picture belongs to
please let us know
I copied it from Petunia Pills blog so I could turn it and zoom in on it
well I guessed it was single crochet on a big hook with doubled yarn
close but no cigar senor!!!
Poor Annette (Petunia) deleted her post and lost the photo and the comments
so I sent the photo back to her this morning
it was the least I could do
but I am not giving up on the stitch

so I'm still trying and I think I'm closer with the
half double crochet

but I'm having trouble with keeping an even tension

using a huge hook is fiddly when you aren't used to it 

and the fact that I stupidly stretched it all apart doesn't help
but I'll keep trying and hope the photo is ID'd and the stitch is too
'coz I don't like not knowing

I had a friend once who used to bring me all her
twisted and tangled gold chain necklaces
and she had the finest of fine chains
'coz I have the patience and preference for untangling things
I like undoing and un-knotting
that I have the patience for
other things
not so much..... :}

so if you have an opinion or a guess as to what this stitch may be
leave a comment here or over at 
she'll appreciate it I know
and "T"
thanks for the mystery to solve
my brain needs a bit of a work out!!!!