Monday, June 11, 2012

a gift...

so... there I was on a Sunday afternoon
admiring my new purchase that had come a couple of days ago
and promptly disappeared into the pile of stuff that seems to sit in a certain spot

(and just refuses to leave....get smaller...bugger orff....go matter how many times I beat it down)

and looking up how to read knitting charts online and getting grumpy

when I saw the
I looked for some yummy yarn
and found it on Knit Picks
if you don't know Knit Picks 
or you don't have a special "yarn provider"

they have lots and lots to choose from and the prices are good too
always a help in filling that basket!!!
I was admiring this
merino/silk blend
 Gloss Lace
Winter Night
and dreaming of making the shawl

husband must have heard the 
on his way past the door asked if something was wrong
you know with the
of course
I said no
 just lusting
-over what now-
he asked
THIS said I
like always
-so get it and learn as you go
and get some yarn
looks like you need more-
I already have the yarn
I said waving the 
merino/silk blend in the air
I already have it and the new needles too

-so what's the problem-
well, that broke the spell I had been under 
I decided to check the e-mail
and there 
from Andi
my favourite knitter 
all I had to do was click on it and it
showed up on 
all ready for me to cast on and begin what will be a journey of the knitting kind

Andi bought me 
the pattern 
(so I shut up about it and get on with it!!!!!!!!)

so I'm off

after doing what I HAVE to do

I'm sitting down and starting it

in there somewhere is the pattern... but it's a little shy

I grabbed a bit of yarn and cast on and tried the chart

it worked

mohair is not the yarn to use ... too fluffy!!!

then, there was the mohair ball staring at me
(I bought more than one of these babies!!!)

too fluffy

and I did it again
and it worked again
it works.... let's see if I do!!!!!!

:) :) :) :) :)

thank you Andi 
you are just the
♥♥♥ sweetest  ♥♥♥


(knit knit yo ssk k2tog yo knit knit knit)