Friday, March 26, 2010

Two things I've learned.....

For those of you not interested in hook work
this is boring!
But if you do any hooking this may help.
What I find annoying is the messy area where the last stitch is made
especially when joining a new colour.
If you cut the yarn off and thread a needle,
the last stitch is almost invisible
and the join is much neater.
A lot of you probably
already know this
but there may be someone who doesn't!
I took some photos to show the process.
(click on photo to make bigger)

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The other thing is if you aren't making a garment,
using a smaller hook than recommended
makes the work neater too.
Going down one or even two sizes
makes the item a little tighter
and that looks a little
more pleasing.
Just my humble opinion!!