Monday, March 8, 2010

Little things...

to cheer us up.
Finally found a home for the violets.
The humming birds should be back soon.

While waiting for the computer to do something,
it was updating whatever and taking ages to do so,
I walked around the kitchen with the camera,
as one does,
and took a few images.
I was thinking one could take photos of familiar objects
and turn them into inexpensive wall art.

I made the mosaics to save room,
but imagine images of your belogings taken in an unusual way,
and hung on the walls.

You can find frames at the thrift shop or dollar store and make a
little something new to brighten up the place.
Make a new potholder or dish cloth in a colour you don't normally use
for a bright spot.
Doesn't take a lot of money to cheer us up.