Sunday, March 21, 2010

This bud's for you...

I'm sure that has been used a zillion times
what with all the buds
but I just had too.
The resident lumberjack
took up his trusty chain saw

 gave the broken bushes
a good whack.
The photo in the centre
is the yew bush,
that must be 50 years old,
that was broken by the snow.
I was hoping he would cut it down,
but he has a very strong belief
that new will grow on dead.
So, there it stands,
a shadow of its
 former self.
I thought it looked like it was bleeding,
poor thing.
The other photos
are of the buds
that are bursting forth
in this heat
and sunshine.
It reached 75 F
yesterday and today.
(1 Japanese Maple 2 Colombine 3 Lime green bush?
4 Holly 5 Yew 6 Gold Dust
7 Jacobs Ladder 8 Magnolia 9 Forsythia)