Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Da cat...

seems to be feeling much better, thank you.
I am still lacing her food and will do so
until I am satisfied the problem is over.
She hasn't had anymore pain
and seems to be herself again.
Cutting down on the dry food and feeding her less
but I really don't over feed her.
She is just getting older,
as we all are,
and a slight adjustment
seems to be necessary.
She is a cat of a very delicate nature
and we will do what is needed
to make her happy.
That is my whole purpose in life.
If you love your pet,
 you know what I mean!!

She thanks you for the
but it's nap time



MDScaper said...

Sweet thing!!! Has she become more vocal with age? Have you? LOL.

bad penny said...

aww sweet kittie

M said...

she is more vocal....I can be silent for hours....
thank you for your comments!!!