Saturday, March 13, 2010

New things

While the jack of all trades
was up to his neck in
all things refrigerated
I decided it was a good time for me to learn something new!
Nothing more calming, when listening to complaints
about badly designed appliances and wrong part numbers,
than to teach yourself
something that involves concentration and lots of counting stitches.
Oh, you think not?
Well, I have never made a cable stitch,
so I thought I would learn.
And behold what three cable stitches
The colour will not show properly,
because the light is all wrong
but you can see the little
I looked up "owl cloth" on the "internets"
and this showed up.
I am sorry I don't have the site anymore,
because I closed the page before saving it!!
A consequence of being called upon to help,
once again.

Then I went surfing the blogs and encountered all manner of
kitchen cloths.
I would love to know just how many of these little cotton wonders are now present on this planet.
For those of you who do not partake in all things
yarn and hooks and needles,
the current rage is to make
old fashioned cotton cloths
to use in the kitchen
or bathroom.
There are vintage patterns available
and you too
can have those
knickers that grandma had
or that little teapot shaped one
or this
a big honking flower cloth
with which to lift your lids.
or these in many colours and patterns.
They work up very fast and are actually
quite sweet and they do the job they were created for,
so I'm not crocheted cloth bashing here,
just observing the phenom......
and they are quite addictive.

The majority of these are just casting on stitches
and knitting or crocheting until it's big enough.
the big Honking Flower is my version of
'Marigold" #209 in 200 crochet blocks by
Jan Eaton, and the yellow one is also from that book and is called lemon peel and is #52.
It is just 1sc and 1dc on 30 stitches.
So, that is what I have done.
In the stitchery department anyway.