Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Friday... again....

(This is a bitch fest...
warning you incase you don't feel like reading
a rant)

Another week gone.
The first week of March.
Around here,
a very frustrating week.
Not complaining,
I have nothing to complain about...
BUT when things get to you
you should say them out loud
and then they can get smaller
and fly away.
We are having "Appliance Problems".
The fridge is acting crazy.
It's because things are made to be consumed and thrown away
and we are supposed to just go out and buy new and more.
If the economy had to rely on us, the husband and I,
we would all be living in that cardboard box,
under the bridge!!
While I like to change things now and again,
and the husband is still stuck in 1950,
(as the sons used to tell him)
I don't think we should have to buy a new Major Appliance
every year or even every two and a half years.
Our old fridge lasted way beyond it's expiration date
and now we are faced with this eye candy
piece of junk.
Didn't choose it, but now you have it, so you have to use it.
Trying to get help, figuring out what is wrong with it,
is near impossible
and it gets very old, very fast, trying to get to the bottom of what is wrong.
Opinions run hot and deep,
and trying to help is futile.
'Nuff said on that subject.
Computers or computer boards or computer chips
have no business being part of something like a fridge.
How in the hell did things work before all these new fangled
computers got to have a say
 in whether or not the freezer freezes
or the fridge stays cold?
And why, when you try to find out what is wrong
do you run into brick walls that just give you a migraine?
You know that car company that is having trouble?
It's the computer part of it. But they won't say that
 because they probably don't know how to fix them.
The one who designed it forgot to make a note of what to do when things go wrong.
Same idea there
the car doesn't work....
sell it and buy a new one.
So what if you have a scary ride down the hiway and end up on the other side facing oncoming traffic, or worse?
This is the land of buy, new and improved
there's plenty more where that come from.
It erks me no end and I am pissed.
The oven isn't as it should be,
the vacuum cleaner is a poorly designed contraption
that hits you in the leg every time you move it. You end up using the tool that is 1/2" wide to clean the house,because the part you are supposed to use doesn't fit under the furniture and the hose is still stiff and cumbersome. Oh, it'll suck you and the furniture, into next week....but just try to use it as you should...
and it cost a fortune.
Wasn't your choice, but you have it and you have to use it.

And on top of all this...
the cat is constipated!!??

See, I told you I have nothing to complain about.
It's all just part of life.....
the part that
just.....(fill it in yourself...)

As His Holiness said once
S--T happens
(I meant to put this in and forgot)

Hope you all have a wonderful week end.
That you get to do something fun
and the sun shines on you 
and makes you warm.