Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kitty freak out.....

This is the song that is stuck in my head today.
Yesterday the cat was in pain and I was freaking out, trying to help her.
I did the one thing one shouldn't do when
upset and paniced.
I went to the internet and looked up what I thought was wrong with her
to be met by gloom and doom.
We went to the store and bought Metamucil.
For her, not us.
I got her favourite food.
I fed her and she ate,
not knowing I had laced her food with the Metamucil.
She settled down and went to sleep for a while.
At about five o'clock this morning I heard her meow
but the hubs got up
so I stayed put.
He came back to bed and all was quiet.
I got up a little while later and she met me at the door
as always
and I fed her once again with the laced food.
She ate a little and had a drink and went back to her bed.
She has been quiet and peaceful all morning.
Sleeping and just resting.
Husband told me he cleaned her box when he got up
and she just peed.
So that is why I am singing about
sunshine and lollipops and rainbows...
 keep your fingers crossed
she's OK.