Monday, March 1, 2010

The first of March

The first day of March was
with big, white, fluffy clouds
in a blue, blue sky.
There was a wind
that reminded you that we are still
in that part of the year
where the weather
can play tricks on you.
 Another month gone.
Another month started.
Let's see how fast this one goes by.
I like it when a new month starts on a Monday.
Feels right, somehow!
The weekend
flashed by so fast
I don't know where it went or
what I did.

Well, I know I watched
"The Hockey Match"
that will go down in
no "miracle on the ice"
this time!!!
But, I am truly happy
that Canada won,
because it was their turf,
so to speak,
and they deserved it.
I think Canada did an amazing job
and except for the tragic beginning,
which won't be forgotten,
the games were
I miss the games already.
Cheering for whoever was winning,
laughing and crying
with all the stories that come about,
learning about other people
from other places
and seeing what the world could be
if we just got over ourselves
and lived as one.
This planet belongs to all of us
and we really should learn to share it better.

So you wanna see what I got today?

Yellow roses
because the tulips were already dead!

I baked a peach pie
'coz it's my favourite
and my arse isn't big enough!

Had to go to the big "W" store
to get the cat her litter liners!! She is very particular about where she....well you know!
so while I was there I found the yarn.
because my sister said she wants us to see eachother when we talk
 the geek squad of one
hooked me up a camera
This should be interesting!!!!
Well, I have taken up enough of your time
so have a good evening
and we'll see what nonsense I can come up with tomorrow.