Monday, March 3, 2014

oh damn, it's pretty out there again...

it was dark in the roomontheleft this morning
even with the curtain open

and very very cold
sleet and freezing rain fell all night and then it started snowing
we had snowflakes outside

and inside!!!!!!

cold winds

and very hungry birdies
lots of them

I threw some seed on top of the snow for those that don't eat at the feeder
"cold enough for you Mrs dove>>>"
yes Mr sparrow...did you see the brass monkey???

so tired of it all...


"his holiness" flew in and took over the place
the way he does

but the little ones were so hungry they dared to share the feeder 
and he let them

a very unusual occurrence 

you can see how much it's snowing now

and the wise one donned his cap and grumbled a little more..
because he wasn't inside enjoying the

the fresh bread and beef barley soup with the humans

or able to share the warm blanket that is coming along 

slowly but surely!!!
cheerio from the snow covered 

and this lonely forlorn looking thing down by the water side