Wednesday, March 12, 2014


of the crocheted kind...
because I saw them and had to make them
a blog buddy posted what she had done 
and I just had to have a go
and this is what came of it
a patch of tulips 
on a warm 
very blustery day 
in the woods
there are white caps on the lake
the squirrels are hanging on for dear life
 the birdies are staying put under cover in the bushes

the storm they predicted is here 
and it's very loud and boisterous and unruly

found on the interwebs

very unlike 



susanne said...

Love the tulip crochet pattern Marilyn. I too am with you on this weather. Here in Ohio we got another 6-8 inches in the past 2 days making us a total of over 80 inches so far this winter. We had warmer weather and the tons of snow we did have was just about gone, now this. I looked at the previous posting about the little wild birds. Yes, I wish I could wrap them up in something warm. I have had a terrible time keeping my 3 feeders filled and the suet container. I will have to take the rake and shovel to the ground to clean up all the mess below them once the weather dries up. Today I looked out and a ton of huge black birds have taken over and the little birds are sitting with the cardinals in the trees. I guess they are hungry too, but they just butt in and take over. Keep warm.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Anonymous said...

Love the flowers, crocheted and real. Can't believe your having another storm. We have been having quite a heat wave, but it's not going to last.

Dawn said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Love, LOVE L O V E this! Don't you just want to crochet these tulips FOREVER? Yours are so beautiful --- we're going to be just like those fields of tulips that you see in Holland...rows & rows & rows & rows & rows of beautiful colored tulips. Who cares if they are just crocheted??...they are still things of beauty.