Friday, March 21, 2014

another week older....

was it really just four days ago?

that we had pots full of snow...

a little fellow I picked up a little while ago.... to replace my favourite bowl that finally died... had had it for years... :(

some silly fun to ward off the gloom

along with a little yum for the tum...
don't they say everything is better with bacon
this was!!

and some more silliness just because I can

and today I got to open the door and window and let a nice fresh breeze blow through
I took this to show you how far it is to the lake from our back door
then I zoomed in to get him 
but he knew I was there and he started to move away
and tell the others to too....
he is obviously the alpha male 
coz all the others got goosed!!! if they didn't obey

band on right leg

I discovered by cropping the shot that he is wearing an ID band.
wonder who banded him and why

he was not amused and gave me the stink eye as he walked away
I swear they can see through walls or we make a hell of a lot of noise as we move around...

it got a bit warm today but stayed cloudy
they say we'll have a good day tomorrow and then things will fall apart again and there is a storm coming up the coast that they aren't sure about
except that is will have
snow for us and the temperatures will plummet again
so enjoy the good day
goosey gander
now go wander.....