Friday, March 14, 2014


I have a little pile of yarn on my desk that lies there and waits
inspiration to hit
something that does not lack these days
the inter-webs have turned us all into
insatiable creatures
always on the look out for the next thing 
that we have to have   or make   or try 
always finding more more more
our brains spin with all that we see
we wonder if we have what is needed 
in our
and for the weaker of us 
we buy buy buy more more more 
just so we have what we think we may need
our drawers and cupboards
plastic bags and cardboard boxes
 fill up and up
when has there ever been such an explosion of
hand made home made 
vintage, mid century, '60's, '70's and maybe ''80's
inspired things
things I threw away years ago
 are on their way back into the spotlight
some I wish I hadn't thrown out and others
phew...glad that's gone!!!
I found myself 
trying to find something interesting to do
now that the granny blanket incident is over
so ......

v-stitches without the ch 1....

a different kind of with a little blue/purple rose in the middle....

a pattern that is popping up all over...done with "potholder" cotton...

a closed hexie...

the pattern found a few days ago... again in thick cotton in the springiest shades I have

embroidery thread...

for that purse frame I bought on line ... still waiting in line for something to happen to it

none of it stuck
no spark in any of it 
so I went to
the place where I have pinned so much
on my board waiting for me to go back and get it

:) :) :)

I have the right "stash"
I have the right colours
I have the inspiration
I'm happy!!!

will show as I go!!!

have a good weekend everybody...

here's hoping they solve the mystery that has the world watching
and so many families waiting...

sometimes I wonder
 if we are completely sure
 that the plane took off
at all

stay safe