Monday, December 2, 2013

grey day go away...

today is sooooo

the kind of grey that hurts the eyes

the sharp grey of winter
the dark stripes of the naked branches weaving the cold wind together

the lights have to be turned on earlier 

the night lights don't actually go out on days like this..

cups of tea are welcome to warm the hands if they stay still too long

but autumn isn't that far away yet
we still have the colours around

and a little sun to bring a smile

and look, a pineapple as well
it has actually turned into a real live tiny version of itself
and it smells divine
!!??!!who knew!!??!!
I wonder if I plant the top
 will it grow on?? 

 here and there the colours of the coming season are creeping in.
and as always

there's the yarn and various needles and hooks to keep us occupied
on these grey grey days
and it'll be Solstice soon 

so the light will start to come back

1 comment:

Baban Cat said...

I just hate grey days and we've had so many of them lately but that little pineapple has cheered up my day. Thank you :)