Friday, November 29, 2013

and the best part is.....

we filled the bird feeder yesterday
so they would have a feast too
which meant this morning I was woken up by birds squawking at each other
and fighting for a place in line to swoop in on the feeder and get breakfast before anyone else
when I saw them
 the red headed woodpecker was holding court and telling them off in no uncertain terms
but the chickadee thinks he's the size of an eagle and shoved the woodpecker off and took over
the little ones have the balls of  rogue elephants big egos!!!!
so sweet!!!
coffee made 
I switched on the idiot box 
and saw what has become the yearly migration of those who think shopping is the new religion and worship accordingly
at the shrines of greed and overindulgence
fights have broken out over toasters....  TOASTERS....
people have been beaten up in the parking lots over parking spaces
guns drawn and so called security guards strong arming shoppers in the stores
is this not the end of all we know to be civilized and decent
what has this got to do with Christmas 
so I turned to that which makes me calm and happy and took it's picture
the sun and a bit of hooky pretty
a little scarf made with some yarn I've had for ages and have never quite matched  to anything
until now.... the pattern looks a bit like chair caning...and I likes it!!!!!
and today we get to do the best part of having a special day
turkey sandwiches