Friday, November 8, 2013

le weekend ...

 it's the end of another week....why is time flying so fast these days?
remember when half an hour was more than you could stand to wait for anything
and you would count the days to whatever it was you were waiting for
vacation, Christmas, the end of the week, a date or a visit
now a days time moves so fast there is no waiting it seems
time again for the
sparkles to blind one, as the sun hits the water just right
they light up that side of the house so much it's hard to see sometimes
and it fills the room and everything in it with
light and makes shadows
that photo is of the sister and me when we were really little and we lived in Kenya
maybe I'll take a better picture one day
the blue vase is a birthday surprise husband got one day
when he had to go to the fix-it store for one more thing he needed to fix it 
whatever it was he was fixing and he has fixed a lot lately!
 we had wandered through the store ( another store not the fix it store!!)
 and I mentioned how much I liked that vase
 it was
 in fact
THE vase that set me off on the quest for blue vases that I went on a while ago
and I kept going
he remembered and stopped by and brought it home
because he liked it too
but the flowers that are still around are too small now to go in the big blue vase
so they will have to do for friday flowers I'm afraid
but it's
with a 
that they are still around to brighten up the place!!!!!!

have a great one everybody
whatever it may be!!!