Tuesday, December 24, 2013

and so it begins.....

morning sunlight for the first time in days

means the new "eye" can see .....

sammy snacking on seeds

while the other sammy runs in.... before he's run off

this little guy hasn't quite woken up and sits for a few minutes contemplating.....

and this is our Christmas Goose
grazing next door
this is 
he's very very old and he always makes me happy to see him
coz he hisses at me and let's me know who's boss
but today he was calm and bright!!!!!

and after the storm the sky starts to clear and change
 as the sparkles begin to grow
these are the first few photos I took with my new camera
I didn't mess with the photos this time
they are sooc
(straight out of camera)
there are lots and lots of settings 
either ignore
play with 
as time goes by

as soon as I've thawed out I'll be back outside 

have fun all