Saturday, December 7, 2013

a day late but.. not short

the friday flowers are a day late
but they aren't short on colour!!!
this time
 two bunches
and spread around the rooms
for ultimate impact!!!!
there is a storm wending its way across the continent that is probably going to bring misery with it
ice and wind
not the best combination
 and I'm not looking forward to it
I don't like ice one does
but living under all these trees is very very scary when the ice man cometh
(sorry had to!!!)
so bright flowers
special cake 
(can you believe it's that time again already)
the little cactus that can
will help make it through the
coming nasties
I hope...
I found the little fella blooming away when I looked down to make sure I wasn't going to knock anything down as I stood in the doorway to take the photo of the lake....
how do they know!!??!!

for those of you in the path
 stay safe
and those of you not
have a good weekend

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You did a good job brightening things up there... as always :) Mia S.