Thursday, December 19, 2013

gaggles of geese and a popcorn sky

today I saw something I've never seen before
an almost pile up of two flocks of geese as they came in for a landing on the lake
I heard a mighty noise outside
 and opened the door to see them 
they honk very loudly to announce their arrival 
and those already here answer, so it's noisy sometimes!!!!!
and from the North came about 40 flying over us as they glided in
and just as they got close to touchdown
 bigger group
 appeared from the West 
and they all had to put on the brakes and swoop and swerve to avoid each other...
I couldn't believe what I was seeing....

no, of course I don't have pictures of it
it all happens so fast 
 one would have to sit and wait all day and all night for a week to get something like that!!!
anyway, while I was watching all this I noticed the sky had many different kinds of clouds
so those I got
and then the sun shone right in my eyes
 and with them closed
I took the last one!!!!

good night sun
soon the full moon will be up to shine on those clouds
should they hang around
and it's going to be noisy tonight on the lake
they'll be telling stories about their journey's 


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