Monday, December 16, 2013

ice sleet freezing rain snow and the blahs...but


a week and some  
of blah and ick and yuck
pains and sleeping a lot
coz I don't do pills very well...
 couch potato-ing and wishing it was Spring again!!!!
power failure so we got to put the fire on
and tell the emperor and empress that all was well in their fair land
(a friend gave us those years ago...they paid $1.50 for them at some high end junk shop
 and they're from the '50's and so vintage and ugly...
they had to stay!!!)

a quick trip to the store to re-fuel supplies
found us with happy blooms again
and a few days later
heaven in a box!!!!!

can't get the right colour
it's baby blue!!!!
and so soft and fluffy
hope you're all well