Wednesday, December 4, 2013

blue and white...

this is just a
as it isn't blocked
just washed and hanging  in the sunshine
 while it can!!!
the sky is changing but for now there is blue to be seen
 so let's see
the scarf is long and weighty but not too... too ...
of course the temperature has gone up to the high 50's and tomorrow low 60's
so I won't be wearing this for a while
but it's there
if I have the need
and right now I need to go out and get it in
before the rain comes or the squirrels abscond with it up that mighty tall tree
that would be funny!!!!!
:) :) :) :)


charu said...

Your scarf is beautiful. Did you follow a pattern or is it your own? If it is can you share it?

Marilyn said...

it's just a stitch pattern. I have no idea what it's called, but I can show you how it's done if you'd like. Can you do Tunisian crochet?

charu said...

Yes I can

Anonymous said...

Love that scarf! Mia S