Wednesday, July 25, 2012

wiggles and bags and beads

OH MY!!!
while browsing through Pinterest
I bumped into this pattern
which is free and on the 
and although I said I had put the hook down for a while
(except for when I pick it up to make the edgings on the pincushions and floss bags)


I just had to make it
I had nothing to do on the couch in the evening while we watch the idiot box
which actually wasn't too bad this week... ??
I know!!!!!
anyway I have a stash of cotton yarn that needs using so I dove in and ended up with a little 
wiggly flowery mat
if you've never wiggle stitched this is a good one to start with
the pattern calls for much thinner yarn
but I don't pay attention to things like that
not when it's for things like this

my collage obsession continues too

for those who asked
Picasa has the editing tools that used to be on Flickr
you have to download Picasa
(just do a search on it)
and then you get to play too


hope you all have a good 
or tomorrow

til the next time