Wednesday, July 4, 2012

patching patches makes patchwork

so glad I found my love of sewing again
one can sew for hours
one can't do much else in this weather 
so why not
cut and patch and sew and stitch
the radio is on
the tunes are all from the '60's and while sing 
I sew and have memories that the music brings with it
I found, on the computer, a few weeks ago an online radio
it was there to be used 
it's free so I do use it
husband says I have to have put it there but I don't remember doing that
it's called

 and you get to choose what you listen to by choosing the decade
I waft between the '60's/'70's and a little bit of "now"
it makes me bounce in my seat so that's not all bad
no news to depress you
only a few, very few ads...and if you don't like a song you can change it
it sits up top of the screen 
in the menu thingummyjig 
 and it plays in the background
 as you surf the inter-webs

but back to the patches
I'm learning as I go
try to remember all the tips and tricks I've learnt
 or look up online if I can't remember
the iron is puffing and huffing with steam to keep all those seams orderly
most of the seams are matching because I remembered the 
face seams in opposite directions and they will "lock " together and match up
the fabric cutter is sharp so I have to be careful but working with 2 1/2" strips is too hard
 I've made a few things so far
as you can see

I have a small stack of fabric I hope to get through 
lots of things running around in what is left of my mind

I've been hanging out around those very beautiful
 French embroidery sites and "quilting" places

overload is the condition of the day

I was once described as a 
Beige Person

I don't think that's true anymore
:) :) :) 

so many pretty colours