Monday, July 2, 2012

more of the same...


as you see it's going to be stifling this week..the humidity makes it feel hotter so those numbers will be bigger
I feel for the people stuck in it
I won't say a word about what's going on for fear of breaking something
all be it there are still hundreds of thousands without power
in the Nation's Capital
of the so called
Super Power
shame they can't take care of things that need taking care of
scary how very very broken everything is
and if they don't pay attention and fix it
well, I said I wasn't going to say a word
we are fine
but not happy

so we have the fans turning
the a/c turned up, meaning less frigid
it's impossible not to have it on because neither one of us would make it through a heat wave of this proportion...
and we are waiting for winter to return!!!
I know!!!

I still don't feel like knitting or crocheting so I have the
fabulous fantastic fabric flowing far and wide!!!
I've found a source and I am feeding my fabric frenzy

what is so nice about fabric is that you have something in your hands 
in no time at all
little things 
but finished in almost no time
I was making  another pin cushion on Friday when all hell broke loose
I love the crocheted edges... so cute!!!
and all my supplies seem so coordinated!!!
that's a fluke
so this is what I'm doing while outside the air sizzles
the birds pant because they don't sweat
the geese just drift around the lake
no effort put into it
just sit and drift
kind of like those idiots up there in the marble halls of government

(only the geese have morals and decency and ethics)

none of which you would find up  there

stay cool and safe all

I'll be back 


Anonymous said...

So pretty, all of it. Your comments are restrained, but I get the drift! Glad you are safe. Feel for the people struggling with the heat. Mia S

Teresa said...

I've been away for a while, out in the land where it's supposed to be that hot but was not bad at all (Africa) so had no idea of what was going on in the USA! I'm so sorry... and really hope "someone" moves their royal behind and does something about it or there will be people in very dire straights!
Your work is so sweet and lovely, as always! I may be silent but I'm here, across the pond and checking up on you whenever I get a chance...
Take care, Marilyn XXX