Thursday, July 19, 2012

pins and needles...

not much of anything these days
the heat came back 
 went out in it for a few minutes and couldn't take it
there were horrendous storms again last night
(I know...US weather from a crap UK paper!!!)
we got nothing
and we need rain
just a few miles West of us it reached
111 deg. F
43.8 deg. C
no matter where
that's hot and it doesn't belong in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge
so I have been in
quite a bit
playing with the cool fabric
or on the couch under the fan 
set on medium
reading my books
my favourite books ever
and his ladies
Ma Ramostwe
Isabel Dalhousie and her philosophical musings and her tartan clad baby Charlie
Bertie and his overbearing mother
or Cyril (a Highland Terrier) and his gold tooth and his weakness for human ankles

have you read any?
if you haven't
 you should!!!!

I can't stop reading once I start
husband watches the pages fly and close to what he thinks is the end

he asks
shall I hit the buy button

we have them stacked in the wish list on Amazon
hasn't stopped writing

and I won't stop reading until he does
I may not read for a while but when I do
there better be three or four waiting

so in the heat I get to go to Edinburgh
to the heat of Africa
a heat I do remember
even though I was little
but it seemed different somehow
and we certainly didn't have ceiling fans