Monday, July 16, 2012


 I imagine 
by now
 you are sick of seeing this little patchwork whatever
last time
it's done
and beribboned
and already full of stuff
I crocheted  around the edge
having to use two different colours as I didn't have enough of the first
but hey...who's looking!!
I am!!!
I played around in Picasa a bit and made another collage
Picasa has the editing things that used to be on Flickr
so you can play too if you like (or have Picasa)
then it was time to find a ribbon for the bag so out came the
ribbon box and because it was under the lace/trim box
the lace/trim box too
don't have nearly as much lace/trim as I used to have
thank goodness
and as you can see I found a matchy matchy ribbon 
the box I had the floss in suddenly became crowded
so the bag will hold the new or unused thread
or the other way round depending what mood strikes me
what strikes me now is a hunger pang as it is almost time for dinner
steak and baked potato
for me anyway
husband has other ideas
back soon with more

see ya