Tuesday, July 10, 2012

bad workman or his tools

while I was edging the patchwork pincushions I remembered a hook I had seen that was designed to do exactly what I was doing
I ordered one and it came today
it certainly has a sharp end!!!
but it isn't for the type of fabric I'm using at the moment
no matter how I try to get it through it either won't go or it gets caught on the way back
and it ripped the thread and pulled it
so glad I tried on a scrap first
brain must be functioning for a change!!! 
so I'll go back to the old fashioned way of starting the edge
with a needle and thread and the blanket stitch
I am sure that I will use the new hook at some point
find the perfect thing


found these on the camera
the last one was the last temp recorded before the storms came through and cleared it out


do you draw things you're trying to make
I wasted some fabric trying to remember how to make a 
log cabin block
I was close
but as they say
t'was no cigar
so I drawed it!!!
 and now I can do it
well I'll do it once I finished the
patch patch patch

hope all are well

see you around the interwebs peoples