Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday twilight

no not "them"....


.......he caught something...frog...fish...turtle...who knows .....



thought I would just show the birds on the lake this evening
the sun was almost down and they showed up as I started cooking dinner

lousy shots but you know the story by now
sneak around or they all fly off
and the heron caught something
I saw him do it
but I know he isn't hungry tonight
and neither are the ducks
all bottoms up and munch for them
they must make it hard for him to see into the water as they stir it up with all their paddling about and such
think he was glad when they finally floated off into the sunset!!!!!

the gentle giant is almost naked
and the Japanese Maple is glowing
this is the tree that loses all its leaves
at the same time
when the time is right
a gentle breeze can knock them 
ALL off at once
I always imagine they make a tinkling sound when this happens...
will try to watch for it
yes, I'm going to stand there camera in hand and wait for the 

in the last photo you'll see I'm still working on the
I got some new yarn
same as the "naughty yarn" from before
but this one is a lovely brick red
rather like the maple
and the rest of the things seem to match the colours outside 

I'm on my last book too
there are more in the mail so I have to read slowly
so this one will last