Friday, November 2, 2012

too sad...

this country may have the biggest strongest most powerful military in the world
but it still can't use all that power to hold back a storm

the likes of which we have never seen before
if you are one of the few who believe that  this planet is going through changes
we will see again...

last night we were told that things are gearing up
weather wise
for another off shore storm
not a hurricane
but maybe a
they don't know for sure
but it's a big maybe

I'm sure you've seen the pictures
 on line
on TV
and in the newspapers
heard the stories
seen the horror and sadness
the heartbreak of a group of people caught up in
the changes

this has happened in other parts of the world lately
bigger storms
stronger storms
violence brought down on puny humans 
who can't do anything but get out of the way
hundreds of thousands of little tiny people facing
that does what it does
without emotion or malice or thought
it isn't "God" punishing anybody for anything
not for who you love
or marry
what your skin colour is
how much money you have
or don't have
there is no reason
other than
planets go through changes...(or we wouldn't be here??!!)
we've not been very intelligent about how we do things
and I don't see us changing anything soon to  
"fix what we broke"
no one listens anymore
and those that have the power and the money
don't care
very much
sorry but that's how I see it
politicians talk
leaders talk
power companies make excuses and say it's too costly to put the utilities underground and quite frankly I'm not sure how they would do it no after all this time..have you seen neighborhoods lately???
gas companies wait to turn the gas off ???
they don't use common sense and just do it
mandatory evacuations aren't mandatory....
from now on they should be...
as the saying goes
you can replace a house but not the people 
but some think they are untouchable
I understand completely about not wanting to leave
wanting to stay with all your 
and hang on to what you know
but you can't 
not when a monster comes crawling up the coast
 it doesn't care that grandma's stuff is in the attic
and that you want to keep it
it doesn't care...
no amount of preparedness
by us
 or the government
is enough
by the looks of it
the declarations of emergency were declared
well before the storm
supposedly things were moved into place
I saw the streams of linesmen coming into the areas
all lined up and ready to go
they closed the bridges and tunnels and everything else to try to stop the people from moving
we had warning
and to be completely fair
most people listened and did what they should
when they act sensibly...
and now what...
the most densely populated area is in shambles
it's almost too much to comprehend
it goes on for miles and seemingly forever
and it's so sad
so very very sad
and the one thing that I can't stop thinking about
is that
I keep hearing that they don't have shoes
I am fixated on that fact it seems

they don't have shoes...

hopefully it will all start moving faster and things will start being done to help rather than hinder
it's been four days now and the shock is wearing off
 they'll start getting angry
I for one don't blame them if it doesn't get moving soon
clear heads need to go and help
it's a huge and complicated problem to solve

 it's going to take time to clear it and fix it
"make it all like it was before"
and not much will change
because it seems
that isn't what we do
we want to keep grandmas stuff
up in the attic
where we think it belongs.