Thursday, November 8, 2012

as I said....

check the background before posting
when taking photos 
have had inquiries about
 the owl
see it in the back there
nothing much of anything
 but it caught a few eagle eyed readers
as did the heart

see...just a circle with a little embellishment 
and a piece of felt for the beak....
do owls have beaks or is there another name for it???

I did
16 sc in a magic ring and made three rows with different colours
(try to go in between the stitches on the second row, not into the top of the stitch
so you get a pattern of sorts 
uneven tho' it may be!!!!  :) :)

change colour
as many times as you like

then make two triangular shapes somewhere on the edge
for the back of the eyes
do something like
sc hdc dc tdc dc hdc sc

make two small circles for the eyes
I did 7 sc in a magic ring
attach them to the triangles with a french knot or if you can't do that 3/4 straight stitches
if you have bits and bobs of yarn sew a few stitches here and there
a triangle of felt and another to cover the back to hide all the knots and ends

e voila.....
hooty patooty

the heart???
look up crochet hearts 
on the interwebs
you will find many patterns there
I haven't a clue which one I used
so take your choice of what you find!!!!


we didn't get any of the storm that ravaged the coast
there are no words left to describe what must be going on up there
one of the blogs I read has finally come back up
they were without power for
8 days
 they aren't on the coast
and it snowed on them yesterday but thankfully they kept the heat
and it's only the beginning of November

we may not say anything but believe me we think of you all 
every time we switch a light on or the furnace clicks on
or we feel the hot water