Monday, November 26, 2012

it's monday again

just incase you were lost!!!
time sure is flying by these days
well I guess it's better than dragging
yesterday I quilled
no hooking or knitting
haven't done it in a while so it's a bit messy
glue globs
need to find a really thin tooth pick

to spread the glue
but its not too bad
kinda like the different colours
actually the big one isn't a snowflake is it
only had four arms
think I need to polish my quilling skills!!!!
:) :} :]
and .........................................
this morning I made this flake
it's from
#3 flake
no stitches to speak of
just lots and lots of chain and counting
and it really really helps
if the radio station you are listening to
doesn't suddenly start playing all the songs
with numbers in them
if you can hook do make one
it's really easy and it's
and I know flakey!!1


NillaK said...

Not too bad? I think they are gorgeous, especially the big one in the first picture. Gorgeous! And I can imagine you all focused on counting louder and louder as the radio is trying to confuse your numbers.. Haha! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow - your work is brilliant not to mention intricate!

I actually have a little quilling set at the back of my cupboard, maybe it's time to be brave enough to try it?

(Thank you so much for the kick in the right direction).


Liz said...

I love your paper ornaments!