Thursday, November 22, 2012

some knock off and another peek...

while perusing the pinning place this morning I came across this picture....
I didn't pin it and I don't know where it went
wasn't paying attention
because I had to make them
there were no instructions but it wasn't necessary...
simple is as simple does and we all know how simple I can be!!!!!
(whoever owns these
I'm sorry but I can't give you credit because I was too hasty in copying and exiting
but who ever you are)
thank you!!!

see...if you count and look and hook you can make one too I'm sure

 should start with 32 sc in a magic ring join with sl st and then

this one I wrote down...because I left the vicinity of the monitor 
again look count and hook


now to another peek.....

asked me what the little people were made of 
the ones from the french magazine

little pieces of wood


beads and bits

buttons and twigs
s'pose one could crochet tiny little hats and scarves if you had some thin cotton yarn
even paper might work

here's the list in French in case you speak it or have someone who can!!!

to those of you in the States
hope you had your fill of goodies
and you don't get trampled in the mad dash to Christmas
I'm thankful I don't do that anymore!!!!
and thank you for stopping by
if you want help with the little stars just ask...
as always

gobble gobble