Tuesday, November 20, 2012

sunshine shadows and early bloomers

a couple of days ago the sun was shining
and making shadows in our room

love the sun streaming in and making things shine

the birds on the lake were happy too
we seem to have a flock of baffle heads again
they just showed up
in large numbers and they've stayed
it's the same old story
can't get close to them of they all take off and
so here's what they look like

so while I was spying on the ducks and gooses
I spied this too

the Christmas cactus is blooming......  :{
guess I'll have to get another one

I used to HATE 'mums
I don't any more
not when they look like this!!!

finished all my books 
but a new one arrived yesterday
so I'm set for the next few days

still ploughing away on the red scarf
and I started a new knit
have to have one of each going or I get bored
so I started 

hope all is well with all of you
the amount of visitors this little blog gets these days if amazing
seems the more I stay away
the more the numbers go up