Tuesday, August 14, 2012

sleep deprived...

and before you know it you have another shawl on the hook
thought the light in this picture was pretty
it rained early this morning
5.30 a m 
on my feet again
so I had to get up and find somewhere else to snooze
but once I'm awake I find it hard to fall asleep again
 after a coffee and a read of my book 
one that I didn't even know I had 
let alone not read
(I'm back in Botswana with Mma Ramotswe and crew)
I ended up on the computer
thought I would "clean up" some lists and files and bits and bobs
but I saw a shawl that piqued my interest
and I just picked up the hook and the yarn and
off we go

it won't take long this one
it's from a bit of this pattern and a bit from that pattern and a bit from me making it up as we go along.

It's still hot and humid and dry as hell
the rain isn't enough to do any good
not in these parts anyway
everything is wilted and dead and sad looking
which is why there haven't been any outside photos this year
the lake is drying up
and the bottom of the lake ain't a purdy sight let me tell you!!!
it's getting scary again
so let's hope the patch on the roof holds and we get some more rain

 ! :) !

OK back to the hook!!!
and fixing dinner and trying not to fall asleep in the mashed potatoes!!!!!